saltpeter formed in 2010 by Vera Chok. Between 2011 and 2012, it was jointly run with Gary Merry and Matilda Brooke. Throughout our existence, we have supported and developed the careers of artists, technicians, writers and performers, by running affordable workshops, and creating welcoming real and digital spaces for testing and platforming work. Our goal has always been to break down barriers hindering creative expression and to generate and nurture a positive, creative, international, cross-disciplinary network. We champion inclusion of makers from all walks of life and pay especial attention to colour conscious casting and emerging artists who’ve discovered their practice later in life.

Notable productions include the multi-media, cross arts and international development of Erik Patterson’s play, Tonseisha – The Man Who Abandoned the World, into a modern, experimental opera. saltpeter also produced the activities of The Brautigan Book Club across 2012, hosting Ianthe Brautigan’s visit from America.

Currently on hiatus as a production company, saltpeter remains as a resource and community for makers, providing information and updates about opportunities via Facebook and Twitter.

img_1354Tilly BrookeVictory Over the Sun for The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor - Photograph by Alec Myers

Thank you to the following individuals and organisations for their invaluable advice and support over the years:

saltpeter is kindly sponsored by The Brooke Consultancy which specialises in acting for Small Growth Companies and Social Enterprises. We love how their approach is multi-disciplinary and collaborative, and that they believe that the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Sponsors of the June 2012 Brautigan Book Club trip to Wales: Several Anonymous donors, John Ballinger, Colin Bartlett, Joe Barton, Bridget Bentley Jones, Gerhard Beukes, Gareth Buchaillard-Davies, Michael Caines, Marvin Chan, Shera Chok, Nik Corrall, Gregory Cowan, Michael Daly, Rishi Dastidar, Thinley Delma, David Duchin, Joanna Ewart-James, Bill Ford-Smith,  George Fuller, Miles Gallant, Adrian Gillott, Roland Gilott, Rebecca Gray, Dan Hogan, Mark Holloway, Nick Hughes, Alexander Ide, Cat James, Thomas Kampe, Sarah Le Fevre, M Lee, Jen Leibhart, Alex Mackenzie, Victoria Manifold, Anna Sulan Masing, Wayne McGee, Gary Merry, Carina Moerch-Storstein, Michael Morris, Michelle Neeling, Erik Patterson, Tanya Roberts, Gloria Sanders, Vik Sivalingam, Amy Smith, Mitesh Soni, Mark Sun, John Walton, Pat Wheele, Phil Whelans & Gabby Wong.

Thank you to the Executive Producers of our debut show, The Death of Tintagel who donated time, money, materials, and expertise to enable the production: Anonymous, Rebecca Jameson, Ken Mcloone, Shera Chok – for the set, Nicole Crampton, Heather Darcy, Jame.s Hickling, Nick Hughes, Jeremy Kee, Eng Siang Lim & Su Ann Yoon, Cynthia Lim, LG Lim, Gary Merry, Michael Morris, Andrew Read – an actor for a week, W Rey, Sebastiano Rizzo, Fook Wah Tang, Wai Kee Yoon, The German, Zoe Shorter, Chantelle Osili, Iain Weatherby, Mick Barnfather, Krystian Godlewski, The Bones Theatre, Lucy Richardson, LMU, Lucy Pawlak, Marie McCarthy & The Lightning Ensemble, Steve Savage, Old Boys Hall, Jo E-J, Remi & Tori from Soul Mighty.

We are also grateful to: David Duchin & everyone at People Show; Jonathan Kennedy & Jatinder Verma, Tara Arts; Warren Dent, Charlotte West-Williams & Steve, BGWMC; Sue Hyman, Sue Hyman Associates.