The antidote to a saccharine celebration of romance and relations. We celebrate the month of February with art, music, film and experiments in form instead.

Anti-Valentine Festival 2014

Across three Thursdays, curated evenings of heartwarming miscellany mixing comedy, performance, music and screenings. Featuring host Ms Samantha Mann across all three evenings, and welcoming:

Isabelle Schoelcher, Anna Sulan Masing, Ana Gallega, Allan Taylor with a brand new cabaret act Anti-Valentine Drama Queen, Nick Field, Natalie Clarke, stand-up storyteller, Paula Varjack, wordsmith and live artist, surrealist Dan Hogan, Lara Popovic and her Gallery of Dancing Weirdos, writer and Brautigan Free Press founder Victoria Manifold. Screening SPELL, by Fanny Peculiar (aka Bernadette Russell) and Dan Hogan’s animated shorts plus live music by folk rockers Wondermare and Friends of Friends.

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An Anti-Valentine Evening, 18th Feb 2012

saltpeter presented David Mamet’s All Men Are Whores and the first UK sneak peek at Le Foulard, the second solo show from Paris-based artist, Lucy Hopkins, winner of the 2011 Prague Fringe Festival Inspiration Award.

All Men Are Whores: An Enquiry by David Mamet

A play about Sex, Death and Cabals.

“If we could reproduce like paramecia do you think that we would not?”
“I like a nice ass. I like a nice ass and legs. (Pause) The ass is the top of the legs”
“And so we will do anything for some affection” – Mamet, All Men Are Whores

Ensemble: Stephen Michael Caines, Adrian Gillott, Nick Hughes, Sarah Le Fevre, Gary Merry; Director: Vera Chok

Le Foulard – A tale, of sorts. Starring a woman and a scarf.

saltpeter hosts Paris-based artist Lucy Hopkins. Lucy won the 2011 Prague Fringe Festival Inspiration Award.
This is a special sneak preview of Le Foulard, her second solo show.

Lucy graduated from university with a degree in Fine Art, lived and worked in London for two years, then moved to Paris. She spent a year at the Jacques Lecoq school, then two years studying under Philippe Gaulier, who told her she was boring and looked like a sausage. Since then, Lucy has created RawUs™, a play for two performers, toured France looking for love as one of a trio of clowns (Les Femmes En Voyage), directed clown trio The Gazpacho Brothers, travelled to Georgia twice to do her own mask-making workshops with children, spent a year training and playing with the Parisian improvisation troupe Zarbi & Orbi, and worked in France and Denmark on Thomas Iratus, a new show written and directed by Lecoq graduate Kristian Husted. Lucy won the Inspiration Award at the Prague Fringe Festival 2011 for her first show:Impossible N’est Pas Français or There’s No Such Word As Can’t. She lives in Aubervilliers, a northern suburb of Paris.