Richard Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book was first distributed on 20th March 1968 on the 1st day of Spring festival in Golden Gate Park. It was printed by Graham Mackintosh. It is a collection of poems printed on seed packets. A run of 6000 copies was made, funded (approx $500) by band Mad River out of their advance from Capitol Records. Richard Brautigan had collaborated with them on spoken word/music tracks, also had helped feed and support them when they first moved to San Francisco and were broke and struggling. This 60’s ethos of FREE is very important to PPTB.

The Brautigan Book Club was inspired to make 200 copies of this book, also to be distributed free, after being invited to the inaugural Dinefwr Literature Festival in Carmarthenshire, Wales. This was a huge endeavour whereby eighteen artists from across disciplines produced three events to be conducted across the three days of the festival. Ianthe Brautigan-Swensen, Brautigan’s dughter, was flown in from LA, and it was a huge success.

You can read about the process of hand-making the booklets here and read about our trip to Dinefwr here. A call out for music was also made and Please Plant These Songs was created as an online EP of tunes written especially for this project available for free.