Samantha’s Sunday Night Supper Club is a charming, deliberately lo-fi variety evening and social club produced by Vera Chok and hosted by Ms Samantha Mann. It provides a warm-hearted, roomful-of-love platform for musicians, storytellers, and artists. We champion home-baked goods, social time, elusive dance-offs and mystery guests.

Our quarterly themed events both celebrated and lambasted modern life. Samantha’s Solidarity Sunday Night Supper Club looked at the London mayoral elections with Samantha campaigning as an independent candidate proposing care and kindness, and Samantha’s Stately Sunday Night Supper Club cast a beady eye on the royal wedding with battling dance offs.

Samantha’s Supper Clubs ran across 2010 to 2012 and directly led to the birth of The Brautigan Book Club as a format to create and nurture a local and international community which celebrated creativity.

Examples of guests we’ve had the pleasure of platforming:

Performance poet Francesca Beard

Greg Wohead, performer and live artist. We were VERY happy to be the testing ground of Greg’s first ever piece, I never even killed a bird, a storytelling piece with projected illustration

Comedian Tom Webb

Silent clown puppeteer, Kiki Lovechild

Sam Sally, loop pedalist

International singing clown duo Ling Tang & Ursula, a Chinese beast and a Swiss-Chilean yodeller fresh from Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Paris

Melanie Eden “a performance artist” and “a renaissance woman”, Australia

The Scandimaniacs

Urban poet Gemma Rogers feat. Boss Terror!

Composer and pianist Rupert Cross

Bob & Jim, old-school British comedy duo

Chris Coxen, American character comedian