nathan Crowd cards

An end of year celebration of Brautigan, books, and life in general. Download our special edition commemorative zine here.

Line up features:

***The wonderful Martin Carr (of Boo Radleys & bravecaptain fame) headlines with a live set

***Nathan Penlington, poet-magician,“An absolute sensation” – The Guardian

***Salena Godden, General of the Boutique Book Club 

 ***surprises from Ms Samantha Mann

***Eccentric dancing from legends of UK variety

Joan and Barry Grantham

***Spirit of Play – geek pop band recently on Mariella Frostrups’ Book Show

 ***Friends of Friends 

***Jessie Greengrass, Brautigan Book Club hero, reads us her new piece

***Eddy Dreadnought

contemporary visual artist working from Sheffield, assembles and presents a performance sculpture for us, and reads Lint from Revenge of the Lawn

***Irish Chris from the working men’s club tells us what he loves about reading and readers.

*** DJ ALIEN DEATH SPIKE – listen here!

Expect our usual tasty snacks, gifts of homemade tokens, and a whole lot of love from the best book club in the world


Thanks to filmmaker Tony Ukpo for documenting the event, and photographer Katherine Leedale for the images.