The Fever – Brighton Festival Fringe

Wallace Shawn’s Obie Award Winning Work

A one-off site specific ensemble piece for Brighton Fringe

An invitation to Brighton Fever

Brighton Media Centre Gallery
Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tickets:   £10/8 via Brighton Fringe site. Entry includes a glass of wine

Audio clips: cast and crew speak about process, poetry and predicament.

Gary Merry’s blog of the show:

– on theatre and politics
– on being feverishly impatient!
– our answers to FringeReview’s Q&A

The Fever examines the human condition in our subjective world dominated by a privileged few.
Though the work directs its attention towards the middle classes – their privileges and narrow world view –
the issues raised speak to everyone but the very poorest and powerless in the world.

“I wonder if I could put down for a moment my burden of lies…”

saltpeter played to a full house at the People Show Studios, London, on 30th December 2010.
Our London staging was conceived as taking place at the end of a dinner party.
In Brighton, drawing inspiration from the gallery itself, The Fever is set at a private view.

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance last night – really wonderful…I came to the play on a whim,
after seeing the advert in Arts News, and am really glad I did. I left the performance on buzz,
and will thinking about the subject of the text for many days I’m sure. I found the whole experience very powerful”

– audience member, on The Fever, 30th Dec 2010

The Ensemble: Adrian Gillott, Amy Simpson, Anthony Wise, Sarah Le Fevre, Sean Patterson, Vera Chok

Director: Gary Merry